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From families who participated in Clinic and/or Outreach Services for speech/language:

"My son and I have had a wonderful experience with the Speech and Language Pathologist at the EEE Center. WE are excited to move on, but sad to be leaving our SLP. I have had nothing but terrific experiences. Thank you to all the educators who work so hard. I appreciate your hard work and dedication."

"My son's speech has blossomed and will not be eligible for services!"

"I have seen significant progress in my daughter's speech. She is delighted to learn from her Speech and Language Pathologist. She looks forward to her visit and afterwards, she practices her skills with her sisters."

From the family of a peer model in the EEE classroom program:

"Our daughter is learning to play and get along with other children. She is learning a lot from their many projects, fun activities and field trips. This is our second year with EEE. We think it is a great program and the teachers are wonderful."

From families in the EEE classroom program:

"Things have come full circle for our child and her teachers. She had an amazing year of growth and it is because she was with such a knowledgeable and loving team of educators. Thank you so much! We will never forget you."

" My child has made a huge turnaround and is able to transition to kindergarten without needing too much extra help because of EEE and Headstart. I am forever grateful."

"The hard work of the staff, as well as my child, is paying off. My child is much more verbal, his tantrums at home are decreasing, and he is becoming more attentive."

"My son has made a successful transition from daycare to preschool. His verbal skills have improved, his articulation is improving, his conversation is intentional and purposeful, and his play skills grew miraculously. His confidence has led him to be a more "functioning" member of our family. I think this program coupled with the best staff in the tri-state area made for an amazing learning experience for my son. I can not thank everyone responsible enough. These skills have changed the outcome of his quality of life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Last Updated: 7/13/11